Sunday, August 21, 2011

A little smile . . .

I was reading the comics this morning and came across "One Big Happy." Ruthie is telling her grandfather about how wonderful bugs are:
  • Lightning bugs flick on their night light to help kids catch them.
  • Butterflies are so beautiful that high-class fashion designers copy their designs.
  • Bees make honey and everybody like a little honey!
  • Praying mantises are very religious and will pray for you if they like you.
  • Spiders make beautiful webs and decorate haunted houses for free!
  • Moths make Mexican jumping beans dance around.
  • And crickets let blind people know when it's nighttime.
--I burst out laughing with that one.

Rick Detorie, the artist, illustrated the truism with a blind woman cupping her hand to her ear and sighing with satisfaction: "Ah!" --Now she knew it was time for bed, I guess.

But "what about mosquitoes?" asks Grandpa.

"Let's not get all ridiculous about this, okay?" says Ruthie.


It did get me thinking: What is the positive purpose or function of mosquitoes? I'm sure they fulfill some positive ecological function. I just can't think what it may be.

Any ideas?

By the way, the original cartoon is here.
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