Friday, February 18, 2011

An analysis of modern education by Sir Ken Robinson

Oh. My. Goodness. Back to listening to Sir Ken Robinson. (Last visited in October 2008.)

Stunned. And entertained. And inspired!

I'm bummed that the RSA Animate people quit animating before Sir Robinson finished his talk!

Below, I have also included the original, very much longer (and slower, but still extremely pleasant and inspiring!) version of the talk--including many more practical illustrations and sidelight bunny-trails.

If you want to "get right into it" from the point where he begins his talk above, start listening at 12:47:

The animated version "finishes" at 50:56 in the orginal!

If you want to see how he ends the speech, I'd suggest "checking back in" at 52:02.


--Thanks, Keith, for the initial link!

Oh. PS. At about 9:00 into the animated version, the illustrator fails to convey a few pieces of essential information that you know Robinson is showing his original audience. He's talking about the percentage of people, at different ages, tested at the genius level for divergent thinking.

By watching the original speech (at around the 49:00 mark), I discovered that the statistics were the following:

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