Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Curse of Untrained Employees . . .

Or maybe not. Check out Denny Hatch's article titled The Curse of Untrained Employees.

My opinion: the Apple example is, most definitely, an illustration of lack of training and, in general, atypical of Apple stores. I can imagine the illustration from Simon & Schuster may be an example of lack of training--or of a really stupid policy. But I don't know about the BA (British Airways) illustration, nor the Sanofi Aventis and Amazon illustrations. I imagine the BA situation must arise from some strange government regulation, and the latter two merely identify mistakes and incompetencies that even well-trained people--and business owners!--will engage in from time to time.

And the royal palace? I am quite sure that has nothing to do with lack of training. Indeed, it wouldn't surprise me to find that the Queen herself initiated the attempt to acquire public assistance.



And any math heads who can figure this out, I'd be much obliged: How do you think BA came up with a 46% APR . . . even if and as they roll their membership fee into a percentage rate? I mean, to hit 46%, even including the £150 fee, the "typical" Premium customer would have to charge, say, an average of only about £600 per year on their card, wouldn't they? £150 on £600 is 25%. Add the 19.9% "real" interest, and you're getting into the 45% range. I would imagine.

But that hardly seems "typical" of a Premium class BA customer! Does it?

(By the way, you can still find this offer today on the BA website.)
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