Monday, September 20, 2010

Back after the better part of a month away . . .

Two weeks in the western Mediterranean, visiting Lisbon, Portugal; Tangier, Morocco; Malaga, Spain (and the Alhambra); Ibeza, Spain; Alicante, Spain (and Seville); Barcelona, Spain; St. Tropez, France; Cannes, France (and a couple of perfumers in Grasse, France); Monte Carlo, Monaco; Portofino, Italy; and, finally, Livorno--and Pisa and Lucca--Italy!

Some wonderful memories.

Then a few days at home followed by a board meeting and a nine-day Family Fun Week (including burial of Gracie Lou's body).

And I'm rarin' to go.

Hopefully, I can take some time here or there to begin blogging again. Maybe I can share some of the highlights (including a few photos) from our Mediterranean trip and, even, from our Family Fun Week.

Meanwhile, I "just" wanted to say "hi" . . . and share a little piece of wonderment.

Take a look at this 30-photo essay of "Awesome College Labs."

Anything look interesting to you?
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