Thursday, January 28, 2010

iPad a game-changer

The marketing director at Sonlight Curriculum emailed me yesterday, just past noon, to inform me of the announcement, then being made, of the Apple iPad.

Interesting. Sonlight has been working on an "e" version of  its curriculum for some time, but the appearance of the iPad, I think, kicks development into high gear. Finally, there is a platform that can "do it all."

One wonders how the iPad will change the game for Amazon and its Kindle, let alone for Sony and its Readers, or Barnes & Noble and its Nook.
And while we're on the subject: I was impressed by Gary Trudeau's apparent cartoon scoop of the announcement.

Bouncing off of Trudeau's comment about people paying for content, and Apple and AT&T's working relationship with respect to monthly data plans, I wonder: To what extent is the iPad a potential heir to King Camp Gillette's "disposable razor" approach to profits? Really. I mean, it sounds as if I can do all the downloading I want for free as long as I use my home internet connection. So is Trudeau being unfair?
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