Sunday, July 12, 2009

Awkward . . .

Oh, boy! Why do people do these kinds of things?

Daddy Eeyore, Mommy-the-Pooh and Tigger?

Many more like it at

Some have caused me to laugh out loud! ("No, no! I want the possum!") Or cringe. Or sigh in sadness. Or shake my head in disbelief.

But all those "everyone dresses alike" photos that 10- and 12-children-large homeschool families take and that drive me crazy? I thought that was a relatively new idea. Apparently not. Even the most avant-garde seem to enjoy "the same look." But sometimes I wonder if the idea isn't carried a little too far.

And then there's just the plain cute.

Yes, there is the occasional photo that pushes the limit a bit. But . . . Oh!

Do you have stories or artifacts or experiences like these?
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