Monday, June 29, 2009


So I've been not only out of town, but almost beyond reach of the web for a bit over two weeks, now. Sarita and I enjoyed a two-week river cruise from Amsterdam, Holland, to Budapest, Hungary, with the last few days actually spent driving around in Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary . . . because the Danube was flooded and river traffic was halted.

I want to share a few of my observations from the trip, but not in this post. I wrote a few posts at the time I experienced what I wrote about. I intend to "back fill" those posts. Hopefully later today.

And then I intend to do a major post--or two or three or four--on Lamoureux's Evolutionary Creation. --Talk about a potentially revolutionary book! . . . But, oh, so hard to read! Terrible! (But I will get into that later, in my posts.)


This is just to say "hello," and "glad to be back," and, "sorry I missed you" for these last few weeks.
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