Sunday, November 12, 2006

I want one . . .

I don't normally think about cars. They've never been a passion of mine. Four and a half years ago, as we were approaching our 25th wedding anniversary, Sarita told me she wanted to get me "the car of [my] dreams."

"But I don't dream about cars."

"So I want to get you the car you would dream about if you dreamed of them."

"I like my Toyota Corolla."

"I want to get you something else."

After looking: "Okay. A Toyota Avalon."

"No. I want to get you something better."

"But I don't want to spend the money."


We settled on an "outlandish" Infiniti I35 that cost us about two or three times what a nice Corolla would have cost.

But it is comfortable! And I expect to continue driving it for at least five more years. ("Waste not, want not.")



I don't know how I bumped into the Tesla Roadster, but, Wow! That's a cool car! Electric. 0-60 in about 4 seconds. About 250 miles on a single charging. And look at those lines! A-ooh-gah!
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