Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Jonelle's Wedding — 14 August 2004 (Littleton, CO)

These are informal shots that Amy's Father-in-Law took while the formal photographer was trying to do her work. . . . I may post more photos later.

Father-of-the-Bride John; Bride Jonelle; & Mother-of-the-Bride Sarita

The Bride & Her Mom

Here's Brother-of-the-Bride Luke; the Groom, David; the Bride; Parents-of-the-Bride, Sarita & John with their Grandson Isaiah; also, the Bride's Cousins Teri & Karin from Colorado Springs and Nathan from Troy, NY

But notice the distraction!

Yep. It's Baby Isaiah, the son of Sister-of-the-Bride Amy

Ah! Now we're ready for the formal photo!

The Bride with Isaiah's brother Jadon

My Sister-in-Law Leslie, her husband (my brother) Pete; Jadon, Amy and Phil; and my dad (Grandfather of the Bride) Posted by Hello

While I'm talking about the wedding, I should probably note what was on the menu!

The wedding was held in our church, and the reception was on the front lawn, outside, under a tent.

And what did guests get to eat at the reception?

We enjoyed slices of (a number of) 6-foot sub sandwiches, fresh-fruit salad, mixed nuts and M&Ms (both regular and peanut), plus, for "dessert," a yummy, home-made-style, custard-filled cake and root beer ice cream floats!
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